Startup Accounting Tech Stack: Our Favorite Tools for 2023

tech startup accountant

Our engagements start at $1,250/mo (for select pre revenue companies) and grow from there based on a startups goals and needs. We specialize in helping growing HealthTech and Healthcare startups with their financial operations. We have a deep expertise in eCommerce, DTC & CPG finance, from bookkeeping to inventory management to LTV/CAC analysis and more. We were born out of a tech-focused venture fund, and we have a deep expertise in SaaS accounting.

tech startup accountant

Our Process

As a startup founder, you’ll need to choose early on whether to spend your valuable time on accounting and bookkeeping tasks, or to outsource to the experts. They provide value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities, including participating in strategy sessions, obtaining financing, identifying KPIs and getting significant transactions completed. Our team has years of experience leading publicly traded SaaS companies and have the skills required to upgrade your financial systems, help you raise investment rounds, and more.

tech startup accountant

What Documents Do You Need To Complete Your Startup’s Tax Return?

tech startup accountant

And if you are trying to get a business loan, you’ll need clear and easy-to-read financials so that potential investors can make an informed decision about investing in your vision. The startup finance experts at Founder’s CPA know this and can help you address some of these issues. From defining and implementing the right tech stack for your startup or handling your company’s income tax filings, our team has the right tools to help your business grow. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small to medium-sized businesses manage their finances. It has all the features of a traditional accounting system, but it’s built on the Internet so you can access it anytime.

Should You Outsource Your Startup Bookkeeping?

tech startup accountant

From startup accounting & bookkeeping to financial modeling to tax filings and more, we are your full finance department. Because of our roots in VC, we understand the needs and nuances of growing startups. Technology startups face critical challenges, from global competition and increased regulatory hurdles to dealing with new accounting standards and shrinking product development cycles. At Haynie & Company, we’re ready to meet the changing accounting and tax needs of your technology business.

A GREAT set of financial statements informs decision making in real time. It allows you to know your burn rate and runway and understand your KPI’s to drive profit margins. We understand that tech Navigating Financial Growth: Leveraging Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Startups startups have nuances like MRR/ARR and Deferred Revenue Recognition. Our trained team loves to get into the nitty gritty of accounting and does not shy away tackling complex transactions.

How can I Best Prepare My Tech Startup’s Taxes?

For a sense of where the most has gone in recent quarters, we curated a list of funded companies that last raised in 2023 or 2024. Often, with a focus on tech and innovation, the mechanics of general management take a back seat, but your payroll procedures and practices must keep pace with your business development. In over 40 years of practice, Mr. Dalal has accumulated an extensive background in various fields and industries. Expensify is one of the best online expense-tracking tools available. It allows users to maintain transparency around what, where, and how much they’re spending.

  • Since you’re not withholding income taxes or providing foreign contractors with benefits, you simply need to pay your contractors the amount of money they’re due.
  • Accounting debt is a similar concept – startups can often ignore creating their accounting infrastructure to focus on their technology or customers.
  • Payroll options include either online programs or outsourced payroll services.
  • Long before Honey was purchased by PayPal for $4 billion dollars, we reached out to Ryan, the founder, on Linkedin to see if they could use our service.
  • You need to get the information you need to make decisions and to ensure the utmost of financial health.

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We have extensive experience working with tech businesses, and we put that knowledge to work in ways that will maximize your profits. “Akshay, Kimberly, Jay, and the entire ShayCPA team has been a partner to Runway since the beginning. They have managed all of our monthly bookkeeping and necessary federal and state tax returns, while also handling additional, more specific matters such as R&D tax credits and state-specific sales tax filings. They have been responsive, flexible, and incredible partners to work with since our Seed round, and we have scaled with us even as we more than 6x’d the company. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a crucial role in accounting for tech startups. These accounting metrics help track the financial health of a startup company and measure its performance against predetermined benchmarks.

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